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Welcome to 6d Education. The right place to learn and advance your languages. How fluent can you speak English? Or how fluent can you speak Russian? Whether you can speak one of the languages fluently or both, at 6d Education we have tailor-made lessons to polish your understanding of the two languages. To get started click here.

Our lessons at are cultivating and simple to give you a smooth experience as you advance your knowledge in the two languages (English and Russian}. To make it simple for all our students to learn, we have both physical and e-class where you can sit at home as you polish you understanding of the two languages. Try the mode of learning that you find convenient.

We understand learning is a continuous process that requires a smooth path. Each of our lesson at 6d education has simplified notes, tutorials and exercises and in case you feel the lesson is so challenging there is always a tutor to guide you. 6d Education professors are the best, with broad knowledge of these two languages. Click here to meet our tutors. We hire only those tutors we believe can make an impact in your life. Feel free to talk to them at any time, they are here to fine tune your language skills.

It feels great to communicate in more than one language fluently. With the help of our instructors we make sure you can read write like a professor within a few months. How is that possible? Really possible. Enroll now and witness why we are the best in the region. If you have any difficulty when enrolling, call or leave an email, one of our technician will respond within 24 hours. For now, you can click here to start the enrollment process. It will take you a few minutes to complete. Let start.

At 6d Education we strongly believe, language is a strong tool that can help you in breaking new grounds, score in an interview, win the heart of your partner at the first date or give you the power to lead. To ensure you are equipped with this tool, we style you in every stage of learning, testing you to ensure what you have learnt can be put in action. And once you are done and we have verified that indeed you have made it, we give a certificate of merit. For further details regarding the benefits of learning foreign language, check out

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Russian and English Lesson: Tips to Learn these Foreign Languages Quickly

Diverse People and Training Concepts

Communication has a vital role in your day-to-day living. You may not be able to appreciate yet within the boundaries of your own land but, once you take that foot on other countries, either for work or for more adventurous purposes, you’ll surely shine yet another light of understanding for communication. This is especially true if you’re going to America or Russia as there’s a high chance that these are the places where you’ll be going to. If that just hit the right spot, it is certain that you’ll be getting great advantage from the tips below on quickly learning Russian and English lessons at

  1. Beginning and Foundation

When starting to learn Russian and English Lesson at , you’ll certainly face heaps of challenges with the uncommon way of the language. This is only natural so you’ll want to make sure that you solidify your basics – the alphabet. You may be able to notice that some of the Russian alphabets are the same with the English ones but, the way they are spoken and used may be completely different. Start from the alphabets, familiarize them and finally get yourself a professional tutor to teach you the foreign languages. It is a must that you pick someone who’s certified or licensed to do the job and preferably, they should also have a program prepared so you’ll know what you’re getting into.

  1. Communicate and Learn

During your training or learning, you’ll surely learn some pretty basic words, construction of sentences in both Russian and English lesson but, it will take more than 6D Education before you get yourself at high mastery of both the language. It would surely be more helpful if you get in touch with other companions of yours, who are adept at speaking English and Russian. It can be a non-native or a native but, you should make sure that he is someone who’ll have patience and attitude to properly communicate with you at the level you’ll be comfortable with. Each time you meet new words as well, make sure that you take note of them and write it on a piece of paper or notebook. You can also learn more tips on where to learn foreign language quickly by checking out the post at

  1. Watch English/Russian Films and Music

It is without a doubt, an entertaining way to learn a language through music or films. You can watch films of Russian with English subtitles or watch English movies with Russian subtitles to challenge yourself more in identifying certain words and even incorporate them in sentences. There are many words that you may be able to encounter only in films and other works of art, making it a great medium to increase your vocabulary and knowledge in these foreign languages.

The Benefits of Taking Up English Lessons


There are so many people these days who are taking up English lessons. You might probably ask why, Well the answers lie here. The truth is that it learning English has become a big deal these days no matter where you are located in the world. That is why there are so many English classes and lessons being held today for those who want to be fluent at speaking English. You too can be good at speaking this language even if you are speaking in your own mother tongue at home. The first reason why you need to attend English lessons is because it is going to benefit you in the end. It pays off to learn a lot of languages at the same time. It is also exciting and interesting at the same time. The other reason is that English has become the most used language in the world these days. Wherever you go, you can easily communicate with people through this language. That is how easy it is.

Many people around the world have spoken this language and it has been used as a way to communicate and interact with others. Even when you read and watch news worldwide, most of them are being broadcasted in English. In the business sector, most businessmen are speaking English and would want their employees to start speaking English too. This has become a big factor recently. This is because if you know how to speak English, it would be easier for your business to expand to other parts of the world. If you want to learn English, there are lessons and classes you can take up online these days. It is a convenient method to learn now. Make sure that you are going to learn the basic rules of English. This includes speaking and writing, click to know more!

The grammar rules must also be mastered so you can properly communicate this language to other people. There are different grammar rules that you need to learn and master. You can begin with the basics. Once you master it, it would be easier all the way. Everything about grammar can be learned if you take up English lessons at

It is good to learn and master them so you can be good at communicating with people around the world. Wherever you go, you will not get lost because there will be people who can understand you if you use the language. To gain more knowledge on the benefits of learning foreign language, go to